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Real Love Real Stories

Jul 31, 2018

Chris and Tina from New Mexico just celebrated their wedding anniversary in May 2018. The first time they met she knew she was going to marry him and that he would at their wedding. Their love story is beautiful and made me cry tears of joy. Listening to their story gave me hope ... Enjoy their love story!

Jul 15, 2018

Patrick and Tina share how they met and they make their relationship work going on 19 years together. Fun conversation that included finger snapping, love for all humans, (loving without rules) and repeating messages. Enjoy their love story!

Jul 9, 2018

Patricia went on journey of self discovery in Asia but little did she know she would volunteer and fall in love. Jack and Patricia's first date was in the rice fields of Thailand while hunting for rats and drinking local whiskey. 2 cultures (Thailand and Netherlands) brought together and created a love story. Want...