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Real Love Real Stories

Nov 27, 2018

Tommy and Jenny went to Putnam High School (PCHS) in Oklahoma City together around the same time but did not date. Jenny moved to New York City and finished her high school there. 20 years PCHS would host a high school reunion for their class and their love story begins. 

Part 1: The couple shares their love journey. How they met and how a deeper connection was created while they were being intimate in Colorado. This is a must listen if you or your partner have a hard time looking at you in your eyes while having sex. Do you connect love with sex?

Part 2: The couple shares how they make their long distance relationship work since they are 1400 miles + apart. They share the highs and lows of counting down to seeing each other ...

Part 3: SHE PUT A RING ON IT! The couple shares how Jenny proposed to Tommy. Here is an idea if you are a woman in a relationship where you feel like the guy is taking too long to put a ring on it. YOU CAN DO IT. Find out how Jenny did it.