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Real Love Real Stories

Aug 20, 2019

Linda found Love and has been married 10 years. 

"I was 43 years old, never married, and I weighed almost 300 pounds. Not only that, but I still had underlying fears. What if I do meet someone that I liked and after investing myself in it, it does not work out? Or worse, what if I got hurt? Maybe I should lose weight...

Aug 10, 2019

Here is what you will learn after listening to this episode

1) To know who you are

2) To know your core values

3) Know your goals are in a relationship

4) Know your needs

I lead you through a short self reflection exercise to be open to love. I live you with some self reflection questions to ponder

Aug 1, 2019

In this episode I am providing you with updates and some exciting new things happening with Real Love Real Stories. 

Thank you for all your support. I am excited to be back with new and exciting new content.

Jun 5, 2019

Thank you for going on this journey with me and for your support. I am so grateful and humbled that these love stories are being listened in 64 countries and counting. As I raise the glass to toast to this one year I want to thank all the guests that took time and shared their stories on my podcast. These stories...

May 28, 2019

One of the ironies of modern life is that we can spend more time being connected, and yet, sometimes wind up being less present for each other. Maybe you're in the same room with a group of your friends, but each you is busy texting or talking on your phones. Maybe you're sitting down to a family dinner, but your mind...